5Q’s comprehensive program builds awareness and addresses risk from all aspects of your organization. Our approach leverages the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework and simplifies this framework into the following 3 phases:


Conducting an extensive review of your enterprise cybersecurity strategies, policies and procedures and your existing infrastructure, our team of experts assess every aspect of your corporate network and/or your buildings, identifying incidents of exposure and creating a plan for remediation. Areas of focus include networks, applications and physical assets, along with reviewing and/or creating.


Maintaining protection is critical to thwarting potential cyber-attacks. By establishing an on-going cybersecurity governance structure for your organization, 5Q works with clients to remediate issues discovered in the assessment and continuously identify and implement IT security solutions at both the corporate and building level.

Monitor & Manage

Employing proactive protection and detection tools, conducting periodic testing/auditing of systems, processes and policies, along with developing incident response and recovery plans are ways 5Q ensures clients cybersecurity risk is minimized as much as possible.