Technology Operations

We provide a full spectrum of technology solutions and can manage as much or as little of a company’s operations as needed. Regardless of how the technology systems are currently built, or even if all of IT is outsourced, we can help you manage your technology systems to derive maximum efficiency for real estate firms and alternative investment companies. Our expert teams can handle any or all services such as these.

Daily Operations Management

We communicate up and down to provide full transparency of everything happening with a company’s technology. We communicate with “business speak,” dashboards and metrics. We dig in daily, taking a ‘hands-on’ approach to ensure your technology is meeting the needs of business users and running flawlessly.

Managed Services

We have the capabilities to run your entire data center, either onsite or offsite. Additionally, we can manage your public or private cloud.

End User and Network Support

When something goes wrong, you need a single contact point and a team who is immediately accessible, professional, competent and caring with a high sense of urgency to fix the problem. That is 5Q Support.

Vendor Management

We aggregate your disparate partners into a centralized, well documented and managed portfolio to ensure they are treated as valuable partners meeting expected service levels.

End User Equipment and Server Maintenance

We ensure up-time because your employees and systems cannot be down.  Technology has a “shelf life.”  Our operations ensure you are ahead of the game; reducing risk while maximizing capital investment return.

Mobile Device Management

Accessibility and Security can be difficult to balance.  Our mobile agents and monitoring system is airtight and saves our clients’ money, remains compliant and reduces risks.


Unfortunately hacking is a never-ending, high stakes issue. Our team of experts ensures your systems are not only as bullet proof as possible, but we also alert you in the event they are compromised. We can assess your overall cybersecurity program or develop an entirely new one customized to your environment and risk profile.