Calculate Your 5Q:IQ Score

How intelligent is your real estate technology environment?

How do you measure its efficiency? Effectiveness?

How secure and compliant are you really?

Are your systems delivering the right data you need?

Are you utilizing all of your technology capabilities?

Your technology environment needs a 5Q:IQ Score. Guided by our S.M.A.R.T. Cycle Methodology we conduct a thorough assessment of your technology environment. We then calculate a 5Q:IQ score that rates and provides a benchmark across all disciplines within Technology.  We then provide the solutions, guidance and roadmap for how to improve that score and transform your environment into one that is more intelligent, secure, efficient and effective. A higher 5Q:IQ elevates your technology to perform at a higher level and generate greater bottom line results. And with our reliable support team, you can ensure that your system not only maintains, but also improves.