Consulting Solutions

Applications and technology infrastructure exist to make businesses and processes run better NOT the other way around. Our project consulting teams are focused on business objectives first and then aligning technology solutions to the needs of the business. Whether your situation is merger, high growth, steady state, divesting, or downsizing we have worked in all environments managing projects to deliver results on time and under budget.

Application Implementation/Process Integration

By leveraging our decades of real estate technology and business experience, we drive process efficiency to ensure your technology meets your business needs. We have specific expertise in many areas of real estate and alternative investment operations including sales/fund raising, investor relations, asset/portfolio management, accounting, forecasting, reporting, project accounting, etc. We have close partnerships with the major software companies so our projects are smooth and relatively painless with no finger pointing.

Cloud Migration

Why be exposed to the extreme cost, operations and security risk of onsite data and applications management? We can help you transition your technology environment to the cloud, increasing accessibility while slashing costs and minimizing risks.

Data Warehousing

Enterprise and Building data is stored all over your company, and most of it is inaccessible when and how you need it. 5Q helps you organize, prioritize and aggregate your data for easy access, storage and backup.

Business Intelligence

Transform the wealth of data you possess into insightful information to enhance your strategies and decision-making abilities. 5Q has extensive experience with BI tools both inside and outside the real estate industry. Our decades of real estate business and alternative investment experience enable us to quickly design and implement solutions.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Entire enterprise networks can be compromised through a single exploit. Our team will scour the network from the building level through the corporate systems ensuring you have every precaution in place to prevent a compromise as well as alerts and procedures should something happen.

Merger/Acquisition Integration­ and Divestiture

The real estate landscape is constantly changing. Portfolios are bought and sold, REITs are started up or spun out and private equity firms do roll-ups. 5Q has ridden the wave for nearly 20 years, involving itself in most every scenario. Our expertise and leadership makes the technology aspect seamless.

Physical Relocation

Moves or “stand-ups” should be as painless as possible. 5Q has you covered whether you are just changing locations or standing up a new environment from scratch.

Enterprise Project Management

5Q has the proven tools and techniques for managing enterprise projects, including navigating the complex politics that inherently exist.